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Portfolio of Robert J. Maxwell

Skill #4 Sales

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I can use my sales skills to grow your business

Sales skills are very versatile in a growing world economy.  The ability to sell a product, service, concept or idea, or even just to motivate others towards a particular action or response is a highly sought skill.  Sales skills can be used in every part of the world, in almost every profession and in most secular and professional situations.  The skills behind successful salesmanship can also be applied to resolving personal, intra-relational difficulties, and other challenges that arise when people work and associate together.    


            The foundation of my sales skills was built during a two year church mission, yet most of the application of those skills has been while working at JP Morgan Chase & Co.  While servicing and promoting products to customers during my career at Chase, I have become a Top Sales Representative in my entire division of the Bank worldwide.  I have been recognized many, many times for my efforts, and have won many sales awards. Some of these experiences were very remarding. My company awarded me with an all-expense paid trip to New York City twice. I also was awarded a trip to San Antonio, Texas, and also was sent to Walt Disney World Florida in Orlando.  I was asked to also share my expertise and skills with my colleagues at these various locations throughout the bank. (below are photos from my New York trip!)


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