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Portfolio of Robert J. Maxwell

Skill#5 Art

My Russian Language Certificate
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Six Transferable Skills I Possess
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Artistic skills and abilities are often perceived as merely constructing various forms of visual artwork and images.  However, an artist is an analyst, and has a unique ability to constructively develop an organized way of solving problems. Artistic skills also help one to create effective demonstrations and use creativity in producing a product.  In promoting and improving business transactions, businesses like professional representation of their companies and employees.


            As an artist, I have indeed had some experience in creating various artworks.  However, I have not developed this skill in the exact same way as in the past, because I have been able to use those analytical and interpretive skills in business and other productive situations, rather in than soley artistic representations.  Yet, I often look for ways in which I can artistically approach a problem or situation.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to presentation and graphical skills, and use that as an advantage when possible.  I believe that first impressions are very important and that artistic skills play a part in this. 

How can my art skills help your business?


I seek possible uses of artistic interpretations of the world around me, and how to apply them in overcoming obstacles and challenges.  This skill may seem so far from my degree emphasis on Russian and International business, yet it can be applied in so many ways to be of better use for my future employer. This is an excellent example of blending and interdisciplinary psychology in comparing and utilizing the advantage of the theory borrowing concept.  I can assist your business with powerful analytical abilities that many others do not have.  (I have included a display that I made of my artwork at an art show, as shown above.)

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