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Portfolio of Robert J. Maxwell

Skill # 6 Public Speaking

My Russian Language Certificate
My ASU degree
Six Transferable Skills I Possess
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Public speaking is a transferable skill because it can be used in so many different situations.  The ability to speak clearly, effectively and confidently in front of groups of people is a powerful tool in many various opportunities.  A public Speaker must know how to draw listener attention and be able to use powerful verbal and non verbal communication skills to create tone, mood and effect.  A Public speaker has a unique opportunity in that he or she can influence many people toward a particular objective at the same time.


How I have used public Speaking skills


          My Public Speaking Skills have evolved and improved through many social situations around the world as described in the previously mentioned skills.  Public speaking is something I enjoy and it has been a great asset for my development.  While working at JP Morgan Chase, I was asked to address a large training class on the development of a company sales program.  I noticed that I was speaking to a very large training class, and thus I changed my speaking style using general explanations and verbiage, instead of inner-company sales related jargon that was not familiar to my audience. I was able to motivate this group of newer employees in the sales training process.  A few of those students from that original training class are some of the top sellers at the bank!

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