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Portfolio of Robert J. Maxwell

My Resume

My Russian Language Certificate
My ASU degree
Six Transferable Skills I Possess
My Resume

330 S. Nina Dr. Mesa, AZ. 85210  480.835.9132

Robert J. Maxwell

  Skills Summary


Russian language Proficient. Supervisor. Coach. Motivational Speaker. Customer Service.

Sales. Team Concepts. Team Leader. Trainer. Teacher. Counselor. Public Speaker. Interviewer.

Negotiator. Arbitrator. Public Relations. Computer Proficient. Artist. Multi-Task Capability.

Dependable. High Integrity. Analytical. Follow–up. Prioritize well.



JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Tempe, AZ.

  Customer Service Advisor, Senior Mentor

        Provided Exceptional Customer Service.  Solved complex customer financial inquiries.

        Trained and coached advisors and colleagues in sales techniques and quality assurance.

        Trained new-hire sales class to produce highest sales results from training department.

        Top Sales Award 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 – (quarterly and yearly.) NYSE bell ringer.



Udall,Shumway,Blackhurst,Allen                         & Lyons  


  Courthouse Research, Document Manager


         Managed courthouse filings and research at Southeast Regional Judicial District.

         Managed and regulated mail room, document facilities, and docketing. 

         Designed, developed, and carried out reorganization plans for document management.

          Trained other personnel in usage of new equipment, and document management.



Community Outreach   Leader/Manager

Estonia, Latvia,     Lithuania,Russia

Humanitarian Representative


        Trained, coached, and managed a team of humanitarian representatives. Prepared

            statistical progress reports, analyzed data, and provided feedback.

        Taught humanitarian and personal management concepts.

        Implemented English training programs and service projects.

        Assisted associates with passport, visa registration, translation, and other legal matters.

        Served as translator/assistant for Secret Service during President Bill Clinton speech 

      in Riga, Latvia 1994.                                






Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Concentration: International Business/Russian

   Minor: Communication, Arizona State University, 2006.

  Linguistic Certificate of Russian, Moscow Linguistic University, Moscow, Russia 1997


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