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Portfolio of Robert J. Maxwell


My Russian Language Certificate
My ASU degree
Six Transferable Skills I Possess
My Resume


330 S. Nina Dr. Mesa, AZ. 85210


Robert J. Maxwell







                                    Mr. Ryan Porter

                                    659 W. 5th Ave

                                    Mesa, AZ. 85210

                                    (480) 827-0955



                                    Angela Black

                                   Team Manager

                                   Chase Cardmember Services

                                   100 W. University Dr.

                                   Tempe, AZ. 85281

                                   (480) 902-6748



                                  Steven Everts


                                 Udall, Shumway, Blackhurst, Allen, & Lyons P.C.

                                 30 West First Street
                                 Mesa, AZ 85201

                                 (480) 461-5300

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