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Portfolio of Robert J. Maxwell

Skill #3 Teaching/Coaching

My Russian Language Certificate
My ASU degree
Six Transferable Skills I Possess
My Resume

            Teaching, training and coaching are wonderful skills that the world greatly needs.  Teaching is mostly done from the sincere heart of influencing, motivating, and inspiring others for personal and social development.  Training requires much patience, adaptability, and analytical skills.  It also requires the ability to effectively present material in a meaningful and productive way for all to learn efficiently and successfully.

            Above all, both teaching and training not only gives the students and learners the opportunity to grow and develop, but also inspires the teacher.  In many cases, teachers learn more themselves from what they teach than their own students



            As a missionary, I was constantly able to develop my teaching skills, as I taught others principles of personal development. I was able to adapt to a diverse language and culture.  The necessity to adapt and properly respond to many varying teaching situations helped me to grow immeasurably.  As shown in the attached photographs, I have been in many diverse situations able to teach and influence various families, individuals, and even whole communities from all walks of life.

            I also have been able to teach, coach and train fellow employees at JP Morgan Chase, in sales and communication skills.  As a top seller at the Tempe site, I have been influential in developing and improving the sales techniques of other employees.  I have also led and participated in sales training and development endeavors, which continuously help me to sharpen my skills.

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