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Portfolio of Robert J. Maxwell

Skill#2 Leadership

My Russian Language Certificate
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Leadership can be defined in many ways.  To some, leadership is merely the ability to direct and control others toward a possible outcome or course of action.  To others, leadership is the ability to influence others for good, bad, or to motivate change or development. 

            Leadership to me is more than “Leading”.  I have been taught the He who was the greatest of all became the least of all first.  In other words, a leader is first a follower, and understands the needs, wants and desires of those he leads.  Service and sacrifice can also be contributors of leadership qualities.  Organizational skills, goal setting, follow up, compatibility, and adaptability all are necessary for a leader to effectively carry out his or her duties.  I also believe that in many cases, humility, patience and love are essential for effectively and constructively leading others.

This is in Kaliningrad, Russia


An Example of Leadership in Action


I had an opportunity to serve in the capacity of a district leader as a missionary for my church.  This is an important role, in that I was responsible for other colleagues, personal and work efforts, and the need to track and organize a unit known as a "district" in a meaningful and well planned way.  It was important to set an example of hard work and follow through, as well as serve each member of the team. 

            My leadership role was most needed in a developing and struggling area of the city of Kaliningrad, Russia called the, “Balt Rion”.  It was necessary to effectively motivate and inspire this group to take action towards more effective service and work efforts.  This resulted in an improvement of acceptance and tolerance of the Church in that area of the city.

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