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Portfolio of Robert J. Maxwell

English Translation of Russian Linguistic Certificate

My Russian Language Certificate
My ASU degree
Six Transferable Skills I Possess
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The enclosed artifact is an unofficial copy of my Certificate of The Study of Russian Linguistics at Moscow State Linguistic University.  Since the document is in Russian, I have attached an unofficial translation below:







Moscow State Linguistic University




          Hereby Given to:          Robert Maxwell,

in that He successfully completed courses of study at Moscow State Linguistic University during the period of June 2,1997, until August 8, 1997.

Study was in the following disciplines:




- Practice of Speech of the Russian Language – 76 hours;

- Practical Grammar – 56 hours;

- Practical Phonetics – 28 hours;

-Language of Mass Communication – 12 hours;

-Analysis of Classical Texts – 6 hours;

-Cultural Linguistics – 16 hours;

-Business Russian – 6 hours.





            Director MSLU                                                    M.M. Abovyan









8, August 1997