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Portfolio of Robert J. Maxwell

Concentration Areas of Study

My Russian Language Certificate
My ASU degree
Six Transferable Skills I Possess
My Resume


1.) Concentration #1 – Russian related courses


2,) Concentration #2 – International Business related courses


3.) Other courses that relate to my Interdisciplinary goals.




1.)        Russian Concentration related coursework 



Summer 1997 – ASU Study Program at Moscow State Linguistic University


Summer 1 RUS 494: ST: Verbs of Locomotion: High

Summer 2 RUS 494: ST: Verbs of Locomotion: Low

            (These courses contained an intensive study of the Russian verb system and how they are applied. This is crucial to understanding how Russians think about motion and describing various cognitive processes in language development, and thus can be applied to interdisciplinary theory borrowing to understand other aspects of Russia psychology and culture.)


Summer 1 RUS 394: ST: Business Russian Part I

Summer 2 RUS 394: ST: Business Russian Part II

            (These courses focused on business language and phonetics and how   Russian is pronounced in professions  Russian linguist professors with experience in contemporary training taught these courses. The knowledge and experience from these   classes can be applied to my international business and cultural objectives.)


Summer 1 RUS 494: ST: Contemporary Print Media

Summer 2 RUS 494: ST: Contemporary Broadcast Media

            (It was very interesting and useful to be able to learn and apply knowledge or Russian into live and real time Russian news and media broadcasts.  To be able to understand and relate better to contemporary issues in Russia and be able to constructively learn Russian from natives within the country is a powerful tool.  This form of study was very helpful because it promoted a greater awareness and appreciation of life in Russia as it was and is today.  I have become more educated in the Russian economy from analyzing these contemporary issues and applying language and learning to them at the same time. My love for the Russian people has also grown immensely by understanding them better because of this experience.)


Summer 1& 2 RUS 484: Internship -

            (The internship portion of my study program in Moscow, Russia was one of the most interesting.  I had an opportunity to do some analyst and research work at a Moscow based Russian company called Binatone Inc., specializing in marketing household electronics, appliances and products to a nationwide market.)

            Duties:  I analyzed different department functions and integrated their functions together to help create a company brochure for new customers. My semester in Moscow ended unfortunately, and I couldn’t finish the brochure with the company, but I learned how to apply my Russian and Business skills together.  ***Note*** This is not my official BIS internship.)  


*****Special Note*****

(The above described courses although not officially titled, “Linguistics”, or “phonetics” were actually composed of high level linguistic laws, lectures, and practices.  The professors were Russian linguists, and phoneticians who specifically were assigned to teach my class of upper division level students. This is how I was able to obtain the Linguistic Certificate of Russian as included.) (**** There was also specific coursework contained within these classes that included training and lectures in Cultural psychology, Religion, and Historical nuances that help understand the Russian language.)


Other Russian Coursework


Fall 1996         RUS 411-

Spring 1997    RUS 412-

            (These are upper division language composition and grammar courses which allowed me to take my Russian fluency and apply technical grammatical laws and applications. They prepared me to take Russian linguistic courses that followed as shown above.)


2.)     International Business related Coursework taken at the WP Carey School of Business at ASU



            Examples of International business courses taken:


            IBS 300            Principles of International Business

                 (This class helped me see an overall perspective of the                   world of economics and business we live in.  I was able to learn the underlying principles of business transactions all over the world starting from the acient trade routes of the early Egyptians. I also was able to apply real world skills and experience from my prior experience. I have learned about how the world is closing barriers of trade and opening up into a worldwide consumer market.)


            ECN 306          International Economics


                        (This course taught me principles of international economics and how they applied in the business world.  I was able to get a greater understanding of how economics takes place in a global environment. I learned the risks and obstacles of dealing with international  corporations and I was able to comprehend the concept of the Global Village.


3.)     Other Coursework with interdisciplinary application to core areas:


            ECN 111         Macroeconomic Principles

            ECN 112         Microeconomic Principles    

                        (These courses are a foundation of economic understanding and application in International Business.  I specifically was able to study and    apply contemporary issues in economics using articles, media, and text.)


            COM 225       Public Speaking

                        (This course was not only interesting and needed for my future business endeavors, but it was great fun, and one of my mentioned skills sections!)


            HUM 110       Contemporary Humanities

                        (This was a way to apply the arts and music to cultural and historical pieces of my overall interdisciplinary concept in international business and culture.)



            REL 377         Religion in Russia

                        (This class was interesting, and yet the most challenging course I’ve had yet! It was truly a unique experience to learn about so much cultural,   economical and philosophical aspects that are interdisciplinary in Russian religious history that I had never before studied in such depth. I was able to read Russian classical literature, and learn about Russia’s vast religion and history from one of the most experienced and knowledgeable professors in the field!  



      SLV 440          Computational Linguistics of Slavic Languages


                 I was able to learn about computational programming and how it was used with Slavic languages and linguistic learning.  I learned HTML,  coding, computer language learning building, website creation, and of course about Russian linguistics in programming.)

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